The instrumentation in our laboratory is world class, and allows us to perform allergy, general chemistry, immunoassay, infectious disease, STD/STI and hematology testing with the highest degrees of precision and accuracy.

We currently operate the following instruments:

  • Abbott Architect i1000 SR

  • Beckman 480

  • Beckman 680 (2)

  • Beckman 700

  • Beckman DXI800

  • Beckman Access II

  • Becton Dickenson VIPER

  • Becton Dickenson MAX

  • Horiba Pentra XL 80

  • Shimadzu 8045 LCMS

  • Shimadzu 8060 LCMS

  • ThermoFisherPhadia

In addition to performing traditional testing services, US Specialty Labs has developed proprietary methods for processing blood-spot and serum separator cards.