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Please sign up to the portal to view your results. An account must be made for every individual tested. All minors will still need to create an account, but they will be prompted to provide guardian information once the date of birth is filled in. If you encounter any issues please call us at (858) 209-2300 or email us at

For patients who have access to LabNexus you will sign in here. If you experience any issues viewing results or logging in, please contact us at (858) 209-2300 or email us at

I can see my results, but why is the time incorrect?

The initial date you see is the date the order was made. To view the correct date click on the PDF attachment to view the full report.

How do I obtain a copy of my report/Why is my report is now showing up?
  • To view results, click on the lab report tab, select all reports and then all test reports will be listed. Click on the PDF attachment to open the report.

  • We recommend using a PC laptop or computer utilizing the Google Chrome web browser if you are unable to open the attachment on a mobile phone, Mac, tablet/iPad, or Safari web browser. If you wish to see your lab report PDF on Safari, you will need to disable your pop up blocker.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact us at (858) 209-2300 or email us at